Sponsorship Success Stories

Please see below for some of the success stories from past authors and sponsors of The Frugal eReader:

Your promotion of The Sky Between Two Worlds not only surpassed my expectations, but was the most cost-effective method of promotion I have been able to find. Many thanks, Glen E. books

“I have done several promotions with Elizabeth Trudgeon Brown and Frugal eReader; in every case, the experience has far exceeded my expectations! Elizabeth is a truly lovely person and an absolute joy to work with–she always goes out of her way to be sure the spot works for me. These reasonably priced promotions have given my novel, In Leah’s Wake, fantastic exposure. Each one has also given me a nice bump in sales, a result rarely attributable to a particular effort. I am now planning promotions for my new novel, Nowhere To Run, this fall — and Frugal eReader is at the top of my list!” – Terri Giuliano Long

“As an indie author I can’t say enough good things about The Frugal eReader. Elizabeth Trudgeon Brown has created a site that does a fantastic job of promoting affordable Kindle books whether from new or established authors for new and established Kindle owners. As an indie author, every time I take advantage of one of the several reasonably priced promotional opportunities, I see great results. As a reader, I know when visiting the site, I’m not going to see any but the most competitively priced ebooks out there. Plus, the site is beautifully laid out, offering a wealth of information from interviews to special giveaways that is easy on the eyes and easy to find. In an increasingly crowded virtual book universe, The Frugal eReader is quite simply one of the best sites for indie authors and their readers to discover each other!” – Barbara Taylor Sissel

“I had excellent results from using The Frugal Find of the Day on frugalereader.com. I plan to continue to make use of this outstanding promotional opportunity in the future.” - David Bishop, author of The Blackmail Club.

“The Frugal Reader has not only helped me gain an audience, they have continued to provide friendly service, including easy to promote links to my work, and help creating posts that attract Kindle readers. Every dime I’ve spent advertising with The Frugal eReader was money WELL spent. Ads there pay for themselves with sales/readers. What more could you ask for your advertising dollar? M. R. Mathias – Bestselling author of The Wardstone Trilogy, and The Dragoneer Saga

The Frugal eReader is in the top three most attractive websites I have ever seen. Through the crisp and sharp design, colors, and fonts, you are immediately drawn into it to explore it’s content. The layout is very easy to follow and the depth of the content is exceptional. Consequently, of all of the entities we have engaged to advertise our books, the association with The Frugal eReader has been a highly positive experience and has netted us the greatest number of book sales to date. It is a pleasure to interface with the owner, Elizabeth Brown. She is extremely supportive and consistently helpful in developing useful and potential winning advertisements. It is our intention to continue marketing our books with The Frugal eReader and hopefully it will grow them into the ranks of best sellers.” - Joe Boschi, Author and Fran Boschi, Business Partner

“I hit the Kindle Top 100 two days after being featured on Frugal eReader, so it definitely helped!” - Scott Nicholson

“For anyone considering a sponsorship with The Frugal eReader, I just have to say that I was ECSTATIC to see the beautiful display that Elizabeth put out for my novel on my sponsorship day. She really put a lot of time into the post.  ADDITIONALLY, it was definitely worth the money spent.  My sales went up by a third of my average daily rate on the first day, and I saw a bump in sales for many days afterward. Elizabeth has been a joy to work with and I’m very happy that I did the original sponsorship and that I signed up for more in January and February!” - Karen Cantwell

“Elizabeth Brown, The Frugal eReader’s charming owner and administrator, is a lady with her finger on the pulse of what’s current and interesting in the world of eBook fiction. Her wide following is a testament to that. She has now opened up her blog to sponsorship, which I have fully taken advantage of. The sponsorship has yielded my book, PORTAL,  both immediate (as reflected by mentions on the Movers and Shakers list) and long-term exposure. Thank you for the opportunity, Elizabeth.”  - Imogen Rose

“My sponsorship of The Frugal eReader was very rewarding.  Not only did I sell enough books to cover the cost of the sponsorship, but awareness of my book was greatly heightened.  I would recommend sponsorship of The Frugal eReader to any author who is looking to increase his or her audience. Elizabeth works hard to help authors and I truly appreciate it and her!” - Kathy Carmichael

“Featuring my novel, Vestal Virgin, on The Frugal eReader brought immediate sales—boosting a newly released book into single digits within certain categories. In addition to increased sales, Elizabeth does a wonderful job of displaying the book and allows the author to post an entire chapter. This allows readers to get a feel for the writing. I am very pleased with the outcome, and I believe featuring my book will have a residual effect.” - Suzanne Tyrpak