Be Now, Buddy What, Dan Spencer {$3.99}

A naked man survives a meteoric plunge from a cloudless sky, and a small-town TV reporter rushes to get the story. The fallen man claims amnesia and, despite widespread efforts, no one can identify him. The press dubs him Buddy What.

When no clues surface about his identity and as details about the mystery man are examined, Internet devotees start worshipping him as a celestial being.

With trepidation, he accepts the call to become a spiritual guru. But as Buddy What grows into a worldwide phenomenon, controversies follow.

Be Now, Buddy What is a satire about fame, the news media, organized religion, the Internet, and people who let strangers into their homes.

What readers are saying:

Robin Williams – “A hilarious blend of Kurt Vonnegut and Zen Buddhism.”

Bobcat Goldthwait – “Funny and smart. I stayed on the toilet and read it all night.”

Bound & Determined – “Fun… Spencer wrote masterfully.”

The average Amazon reader review is currently 4.5 stars {3 reviews}.



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