What God Desires, Wendell E. Mettey {FREE!}

Reverend Wendell E. Mettey chronicles his ongoing journey of faith, determination and vision in his sequel biography What God Desires. In What God Desires: The Story of the Center for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief, Reverend Mettey shares a candid account of the struggles and successes the ministry experienced through a ten-year span.

What readers are saying:

This is an amazing story of what one person, led by God, can do to help those who need assistance. I found it to be a very uplifting account of giving to hurting people. Very easy reading.

I would recommend this book to everyone! The stories are entertaining, inspiring, heart-warming, and fun to read. Rev. Mettey is a very gifted storyteller.

Wendell Mettey’s book, “What God Desires” is a must read for anyone who does not believe that God has their best interest at heart! It starts out with a review of then world events and systematically follows Matthew 25:’s growth through 10 years. It reminds the reader of the constant reminder that the poor will always be with us. It wonderfully shows the trials and tribulations Wendell endured in his efforts to build Matthew 25: Ministries. To put it is Wendell’s words (words he says he borrowed from someone else), “Witness every day and if necessary, use words.” Very well done.

The average Amazon Reader Review Rating is currently 4.7 stars {6 reviews}.

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The Mosquito and the Sign of the Cross, Benoit Papineau {$3.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!}

Are you one of those who claims to have faith in a God you know and love?
Are you one of those who claims to have faith in a God that knows and loves you?
Both knowledge and love develop through time and as time as passed, more knowledge and love develop and eventually, we get so intimate that all secrets and mysteries dissolve.
We can tell how the other influences us; we can tell how we influence the other. We can tell how the other would react in front of specific situations; fear or courage, tears or laughter, joy or sadness, vigor or lethargy, patience, softness, anger or brutality.
When a relationship becomes so intimate, knowledge and love can even allow us to tell how life would be without the other; secrets and mysteries dissolve.
Are you one of those who claims to have faith in a God you know and love?
Are you sure?
What can you tell me about your intimate God?
What can you tell me with undeniability and precision?
Of course you can tell me things, I already have heard from others, but can YOU really tell me about your intimate God?
Have you ever heard about superstition? Here’s the definition: “A belief or practice based on fears or ignorance.”
Do you claim your faith through the fear of others judgement? Can you tell me anything personal about God or is it really ignorance? So,…is it faith or is it superstition?
Need help???
Read the Mosquito and the Sign of the Cross and you will really know the loving God of your intimacy.

What readers are saying:

“This is an amazing book. Profound beyond measure. Somewhat disturbing only because of it’s insight. The book is life-changing. It will leave the reader speechless. A thought provoking book like none before it.”

The average Amazon Reader Review Rating is currently 5 stars {1 review}.

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THE FRUGAL FIND OF THE DAY: Perfect Pops: The 50 Best Classic & Cool Treats, Charity Ferreira {$1.99}

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Charity Ferreira‘s Frugal Find Under Nine:

Description of Perfect Pops: The 50 Best Classic & Cool Treats:

Pops are summer’s freshest frozen treats, and they’re showing up in all the best places, from farmers markets to fine dining restaurants. The perfect way to make the most of ripe fruit is by suspending it in sweet ice, but Perfect Pops takes popsicles beyond fruit and juice. With 50 recipes for popsicles in creative, of-the-moment flavors, this book includes creamy pops, fancy pops reminiscent of nostalgic, luscious desserts such as chocolate pudding, and alcohol-spiked pops for adults. Techniques for making striped, swirled, layered and creamy-centered pops dipped in chocolate make this book a charming resource for mothers and crafters looking for easy kitchen projects with delicious results!



The book gives us about 50 recipe for pops. Most of the ingredients are available widely. Instruction easy to follow and the pops are easy to make. If you have some kids at home, make them some pops during the Summer time, they will definitely like it. Don’t forget to get them involved. It’s fun.

This book is amazing. The recipes rock, the photos are gorgeous, just an all around comprehensive popsicle recipe book. I went and checked it out at the bookstore before purchasing it through Amazon. So I knew I wanted it and I knew the recipes in it looked terrific! I’ve made the Watermelon Pops, the Chocolate Pops, the Pistachio Saffron Pops…the list goes on & on :) They were ALL terrific.

The recipes are all simple & have easy to follow directions. They are creative without being so ridiculous that you’re having to order ingredients from all around the world. The ingredients called for are all-natural and most involve fresh fruit. The author includes many tips and even sometimes alternatives to ingredients, which I love because I’m forever substituting a recipe with what I “have on hand” rather than what the recipe “calls for”! There are 3 main sections in the book: 1st has recipes that are mainly fruit based, 2nd section has creamy dairy-based pops and finally the last section has creative multi-layered pops, swirled pudding pops & even more ‘adult’ flavored pops, some calling for a little liquor in the recipes Mmmmm…..


Perfect Pops: The 50 Best Classic & Cool Treats  currently has an Amazon reader review rating of 4.4 stars from 32 reviews. Read the reviews here.

An excerpt from Perfect Pops: The 50 Best Classic & Cool Treats:

Table of Contents:

Tutti-Frutti Pops
Lavender Lemonade Pops
Pineapple Pops with Chile & Lime
Mexican Papaya Agua Fresca Pops
Plum Pops with Shiso
Melon Blossom Pops
Hibiscus-Pomegranate Pops
Blackberry–Iced Tea Pops
Balsamic-Strawberry Pops
Cherry Pops
Sweet 100 Gazpacho Pops
Sweet Corn Paletas
Arroz con Leche Pops
Dulce de Leche Pops
Mexican Chocolate Pops
Chocolate–Crème Fraîche Pops
Chocolate-Raspberry Pops
Cookies & Cream Pops
Banana Malted Milk-Shake Pops
Strawberry Cheesecake Pops
Mango Lassi Pops
Creamy Coconut Pops
Key Lime Pops
Pistachio Saffron Pops
Soy Chai Latte Pops
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Pops
Tart Yogurt Pops
Striped Juice Bar Pops
Triple-Layered Rocket Pops
Neo-Neapolitan Pops
Raspberry-Vanilla Parfait Pops
Ricotta-Raspberry Pops
Orange–Passion Fruit Pops
Chocolate-Vanilla Pudding
Root Beer Float Pops
New Orleans–style Coffee & Cream Pops
Chocolate-Covered Ginger Ice Cream Pops
Grasshopper Pops
Piña Colada Pops
Bourbon-Peach Pops
Prosecco–Rose Petal Pops
Sabayon Chip Pops
Negroni Pops
Sangria Pops
Chocolate Guinness Pops

Perfect Pops: The 50 Best Classic & Cool Treats is available for purchase at:

 Amazon Kindle for $1.99

On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow?, Wendell E. Mettey {FREE!}

During his years pastoring an inner-city church, Wendell Mettey discovered that God uses even the most blemished vessels to bring beauty into the world. In “On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow?”, Pastor Mettey shares the humorous and touching stories of his diverse congregation— ordinary people whose lives were infused with an awareness of God’s real and abundant grace.

What readers are saying:

The real life characters touched my heart as well. I loved this book. I will refer to it again and again. It is definitely a classic.

These are true stories of people and how their lives influenced others – encouraging, and helping in unusual ways. Don’t miss this one, you will be remembering these stories long after you read the book, and will want to keep it on your kindle to read again sometime. I won’t delete this one.

You’ll meet characters of all ages and colors; they’ll show you how easy it is to fall into Satan’s traps, and how hard they want out of those traps.

For the very first time I read the end of the story about the flowers on the side of the side of the road.
Perfect, absolutely perfect.

This inspirational collection of true stories about people just like you and me – blemished, imperfect and yet willing vessels for God’s grace, mercy and redemption aims straight at the reader’s heart and never lets go. Be sure to buy a box of tissues when you buy the book because unless your heart is as hard as the Pharaoh in Exodus, you’ll be moved to tears by some of these incredible stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things with the gifts with which God has blessed them.

This is a great book for readers of most ages, and is equally suitable for small group or Bible studies. Each short story can stand alone on its own merits, which means you can pick this up or put it down without losing the continuity of the whole.

The stories bring out the beauty in God’s people and also bring out the essence of a pastor’s heart revealed in the author.

The people in this book are very relatable and lovable. A good reminder that God uses all of us – imperfections and all. This book is easy to pick up and put down, and would be good for a small group or discussion group setting.

This book by Mettey is the best yet that I have read from him. It is a compendium of stories about real people who peopled his life and the life of the church. Wonderful sketches of real people. Not all are saints, but some are and they are all sinners, as are we all. Tastefully done and very readable.

The average Amazon Reader Review Rating is currently 4.6 stars {29 reviews}.

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THE FRUGAL FIND OF THE DAY: Your Personal Power: 6 Things You Wish You Knew, Daniel Speraw {FREE!}

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Daniel Speraw‘s Frugal Find Under Nine:

Description of Your Personal Power: 6 Things You Wish You Knew:

An unusual book about finally experiencing (greater) success.

You know that personal power affects the way we deal with people; but did you know that it affects the way we fulfill or don’t fulfill our desires, and even the way we see and treat ourselves?

Increasing that power makes life better in so many ways, BUT…

This book is also about success, because what better way to focus your power than to succeed at what you love?

These pages are about knowing what to do with the negative feelings that block success. They are about finding and acting on your deepest desire, and they cover those essential ways that support both your power and success.



I love books about success, personal power and different things to keep in mind to achieve what you deserve. And this book comes with a BONUS- About Success. Daniel has an easy style and the book is full of practical and useful information. Important stuff that we all need to keep in mind if we want to enjoy our magnificents. USEFUL and practical for anyone wanting to enjoy their personal power.


Stop Fighting Your Weight: All 10 Things You Wish You Knew  currently has an Amazon reader review rating of 4 stars from 1 review. Read the reviews here.

An excerpt from Your Personal Power: 6 Things You Wish You Knew:


This book is an easy read but it may not be the easiest book to read. Taking that final step into success often means facing what has been holding us back; and who likes seeing themselves as less than perfect?

What’s coming is the single, greatest inner-barrier to success, and it can also be the most difficult one to confront. In fact, when some people start reading about it, they want to throw down the book—and get busy, fast.

If this is your reaction, hang in there, or come back as soon as you can. That response says that THIS is what has been keeping you from the success you deserve.


In our society, we have some embarrassing subjects: a zipper down, a pimple on the nose, our deepest feelings—and admitting that we might be in any way dependent.

Like the man who came in for his appointment to ask just one question: “What can I do to pull my business into the green?” After a moment of silence, I asked, “If there is one person on this planet holding you back, who is it?”
He immediately answered, “My Mother.”

She had funded his start-up, as well as given him the down-payment to buy his house. Recently, she had given him additional money to keep the business afloat and had even taken over his house payments.


When most of us were faced with leaving home and going out into that big, scary world, we had a tendency to hold on to at least a thread of our dependency—with a parent or by transferring it to another.

The thicker the thread the thinner the flow of power.
Just like that unhappy man above, those who are extremely dependent can never know their inner power and can never be successful—at all—because it would change the relationship they have with their “Helper.”

They like having someone there when they run out of money (again) or end up without a place to live (again) or need to borrow a car (yes again). They like receiving advice or solace or whatever their current need might be, and their “Helper” likes it too (although their words might sound like the exact opposite).

I once read that the difference between a child and an adult is that the adult cleans up their own mess. Those who are dependent do not. And why should they? Their “Helper” is always there making life easier.

On the downside, the dependent one is stuck with feeling weak, as well as having to live with their continued failings and low self-esteem. They never experience their full power and are left grasping after the success they want so badly.

At the other end of the scale, those who stand on the foundation of complete independence experience the power and success that flows from it.


If there is a thread of dependency in your life, do you suddenly feel like breaking it?

Don’t ! Because it cannot be broken.

Pushing back or fighting against the one who has been helping does not work. Fighting, struggling or rebelling just keeps it all cemented in place.

The way to break free is to know that there is nothing to break. Nothing is even tangled or tied around you. If you look closely, you will see that thread right there in your hand, waiting for you to release it.

The fastest way to let it go and move into your full power is gently: softly say No to yourself when thinking about asking for help. Quietly say No thanks to the usual offers of help. And strongly step into the face of each problem that comes up.

Living fully in that glorious state of independence is about choosing to be your own parent. It is about choosing to give yourself that amazing feeling of being cared for.


Does being independent mean never asking for help? Never accepting any? Of course not, we all need help at times.

But first, if you are unsure about holding on to your independence in a situation, you can use this question: If I ask for or accept this help, how will I feel? Will I feel older or younger; stronger or weaker? Will I feel more independent or more dependent? If the answer is younger, weaker or dependent then if possible, do it on your own.

And when you can’t, these two words can save the day…

Your Personal Power: 6 Things You Wish You Knew is available for purchase at:

 Amazon Kindle for FREE!


Connect with Daniel Speraw:

Author Website: http://SimplestSolutions.org/

THE FRUGAL FIND OF THE DAY: Stop Fighting Your Weight: All 10 Things You Wish You Knew, Daniel Speraw {FREE!}

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Daniel Speraw‘s Frugal Find Under Nine:

Description of Stop Fighting Your Weight: All 10 Things You Wish You Knew:

This book has 13 five-star Amazon reviews from 5 countries on 4 continents—so far. It goes way beyond the usual weight-loss books by addressing the root cause of failure—that inner resistance..



This book has a simple message that carries a profound truth: I have met the enemy and he is me. Finally a weight loss book that doesn’t proffer yet another miracle diet or exercise/diet regimen from the “No Pain, No Gain,” “Just Do It” school

Who doesn’t want to live a happier, healthier life? This is a great book to achieve just that. I’ve struggled with weight loss for most of my life and it’s nice to read a book that isn’t all “eat less, exercise more!” This book dives deeper into the root of weight loss struggles. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to make some big improvements in their life.

It all makes perfect sense; so why aren’t there more weight loss books like this that emphasize the internal cure rather than the search for the external fix? “Just Do It! – Be kind to yourself” is a message I’d certainly never get tired of hearing!

The book proceeds to explain and motivate that what is needed to counter this type of self-created pain is acceptance that the `being hard on yourself’ approach does not work and instead, learn to use our powers of thinking, choice and attitudes to be kind on ourselves.


Stop Fighting Your Weight: All 10 Things You Wish You Knew  currently has an Amazon reader review rating of 4.9 stars from 14 reviews. Read the reviews here.

An excerpt from Stop Fighting Your Weight: All 10 Things You Wish You Knew:

To release this Resistance (and start keeping resolutions), we have to first deep-down realize exactly how we have created it.

So I have ask, “Have you ever seen a happy jogger?” Me neither. They look so determined, even scowling, with their eyes forward or down and no hint of a wave much less a smile anywhere. Do they behave that way because jogging is such a serious activity?

Do we behave that way because exercising is so no-nonsense, no-time-for anything-but-a-grimace undertaking?

Many of these intense joggers are poster models for the ever-so-popular, “Just-do-it!” approach to weight loss. And, sad to say, their attitude is exactly how WE went about making an enemy of ourselves.

* Warning * This next section is not for the faint or fragile; in fact, children and those with weak hearts should close their eyes. You, however, are courageous and will probably be able to keep them open.

How We Created the Enemy

WHEN EXERCISING, we counted each rep and kept a close eye on the number of sets—so that we could push to increase the numbers, no matter how we felt.

WHEN DOING AEROBICS—e.g. running or swimming—we clocked ourselves, pushing and pushing to decrease the time, again, no matter how we felt.

WHEN DIETING: we took away that wonderful feeling of fullness, and we got rid of the bad carbs, desserts and other foods we liked. And as if that were not enough, some of us forced ourselves to eat what looked all so appetizing to our dogs, cats and canaries.

What did we get in return for all that physical pain and those take-aways?

Nada. We got absolutely nothing but an idea, an ethereal thought, the wispy image of some distant goal:
• Thinking people would be impressed with the new me, but nobody ever was (at least not for long);

• Thinking that I would feel better, and I did, but not nearly better enough to balance the pain and depravation.
So exactly how much was that reward worth to YOU during the last, saga of pain?

Worst of all, when our Resistance to that pain finally began to surface, what did we do? We pushed harder, and harder still, and then critically pounded on and even guilted ourselves.

The way some of us treated us was absolutely appalling, just so we could keep trudging on that already-overly-long-path of pain.

And a lot of us did not even let ourselves celebrate the little wins.



Stop Fighting Your Weight: All 10 Things You Wish You Knew is available for purchase at:

 Amazon Kindle for FREE!


Connect with Daniel Speraw:

Author Website: http://SimplestSolutions.org/

THE FRUGAL FIND OF THE DAY: The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss, Stan Spencer {$0.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!}

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Stan Spencer‘s Frugal Find Under Nine:

Description of The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss:

As seen on the TODAY show, this book isn’t about the latest celebrity diet, wonder food, or miracle supplement. It’s about creating a personalized weight loss plan—your own easiest path to naturally thin. While you can lose weight with almost any diet, keeping the weight off is much more difficult, requiring permanent changes in eating and exercise habits. This book provides a science-based approach for making those changes in a way that works best for you, without wasting time, money, or effort.

Dr. Spencer explains why we gain weight and why the fat lost by dieting almost always comes back. He then presents an array of practical weight loss tools for controlling emotional eating, calming cravings, boosting metabolism, and improving nutrition and exercise. In the final chapter he has you create a natural weight loss plan based on your unique set of needs, abilities, and preferences. Simple recipes are provided for weight loss foods that reduce cravings and prolong satisfaction.

What this book offers is a solid approach to weight loss—self-directed, gradual, and lasting—in contrast to the quick but fleeting weight loss offered by most one-size-fits-all diet plans.



“Well-presented and easy to understand, this one is highly recommended.” — Library Journal (starred review)

“A slim volume that has the basics of behavior change, and includes all the ones people really struggle with.” — NBC’sTODAY show

“Dr. Spencer’s book presents a common sense, safe, and enduring weight loss program that presents the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle.” — James E. Gangwisch, PhD, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University

“There are no superfluous words here, just the facts. . . . For those who want to lose weight naturally, safely, healthfully and permanently (no matter how gradually) this is simply THE book.” — Be Healthy and Well


Review Ratings:

The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss currently has a review rating of 4.4 stars from 86 reviews. Read the reviews here.

The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss is available for purchase at:

Amazon Kindle for $0.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!


An excerpt from The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss:

If this were the early 1960s instead of the 2010s, you might not need a weight loss book. Most people were thin then.
Not now. Even with all the dieting we do, more than two thirds of US adults are now overweight, and the rate of obesity has almost tripled since 1960. So what is behind this weight gain epidemic?

A Less-Active Lifestyle

Our bodies are designed for manual labor and long-distance walking. Many of us, however, enjoy door-to-door motorized transportation to and from a desk job followed by hours of television or other passive entertainment. Such a lifestyle not only burns few calories but can also encourage us to eat more than we would if we were busy with physical activities.

The Fattening Food Environment

Before processed foods became the norm, our ancestors filled their dinner plates with minimally processed vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Meats were unprocessed and lean. These natural foods, combined with an active lifestyle, promoted a slim, healthy body.
In contrast to the healthy foods enjoyed by our ancestors, the foods on our grocery store shelves today are often highly processed and have added fat and sugar. These processed foods are packed with calories and are so convenient and tempting that it’s easy to eat too much of them. As a result, the average adult today eats more calories than in past decades, with most of the extra calories coming from carbohydrate-rich foods such as sweets, soft drinks, potato products, pizza, bread, pasta, and white rice.
There are ten important aspects of our food environment that encourage us to eat too much.

1. Foods that Don’t Satisfy
Food processing produces calorie-heavy, low-nutrient, low-fiber foods that digest quickly. These foods leave us with loads of calories, soon-empty stomachs, and cravings for more.

2. Highly Palatable Foods
Highly palatable is a term used by scientists for foods that taste so good that we are tempted to eat them even when our stomachs are full. Most of these are processed foods high in fat, sugar, or refined flour. Such foods have become more abundant and affordable in recent decades, resulting in greater temptations to overeat. We often eat these foods for comfort or pleasure, not because we are hungry.
Highly palatable foods affect the parts of the brain that are responsible for drug addiction and cravings. The authors of a scientific study of the brain’s response to highly palatable foods concluded that “overconsumption of palatable food triggers addiction-like … responses in brain reward circuits and drives the development of compulsive eating.” In other words, junk food can be addictive.

3. Calorie-Heavy Foods
While the vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains our ancestors ate were high in nutrients and low in calories, the processed foods that fill our grocery store shelves are just the opposite — high in calories and low in nutrients. The result is that a typical meal of modern processed foods has more calories than we need and often too few nutrients. Calorie-heavy foods are believed to be a major factor in the weight gain epidemic.

4. Cheap, Convenient Food
There is inexpensive, ready-to-eat food almost everywhere we go. We have candy jars at work and cookie jars at home. We stock our refrigerators with soft drinks and our pantries with packaged snacks. Just seeing junk food can make us hungry, and food within easy reach is harder to resist than food that requires a little more effort to obtain. Eating too much has never been easier.

5. Large Portions
In the US, portion sizes of many foods have increased two- to five-fold since the 1970s. We tend to keep eating until the portion in front of us is gone, no matter what its size. Similarly, we tend to eat more when eating a snack food directly out of a large package (such as a bag of potato chips) than when served individual portions.

6. Passive Entertainment
Watching television or movies burns very few calories. It also encourages needless eating. If we eat during such entertainment, our distraction with the storyline can cause us to continue eating past the point at which we would normally be satisfied.

7. Convenient Substitutes for Water
Sports drinks, sugary soft drinks, fruit juices, and alcoholic drinks are readily available in our homes and elsewhere. These drinks quickly add calories without lasting satisfaction. Their consumption is believed to be a major factor in the weight gain epidemic.

8. Misleading Labels and Advertising
A picture of a slender athlete on a package of fresh fruit might make sense. The same picture on an “energy bar” consisting mostly of corn syrup and puffed rice does not. Advertisements often inaccurately depict the health benefits of the foods they are promoting.

9. Unhealthy Snack Foods
Common snack foods tend to be higher in calories and lower in nutrients than the kinds of foods usually eaten with meals. They are quick to add calories but slow to satisfy.

10. Restaurants
We eat out more now than in decades past. Restaurant food tends to be higher in calories and served in larger portions than food cooked at home. As a result, one restaurant meal might have enough calories for an entire day.

The Solution

Think of excess fat as a collection of bad habits. Lose the fat-promoting habits, and you will lose the excess fat. Each time you give up one of these bad habits (all other things being equal), you will lose fat until your body naturally settles at a lower weight. At that point you will need to give up another bad habit to lose more weight and keep it off.
Permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes. The information in this book will help you replace bad habits with good ones and make the lifestyle changes required for lasting weight loss. You will learn how small adjustments in your eating and exercise habits can result in a big difference in body fat over time, why many of the things you hear about gaining or losing weight are false, and why popular diets rarely produce permanent weight loss. You will also learn how to change your personal environment so it’s no longer fattening, boost your metabolism without drugs or supplements, give your body the exercise it needs without wasting time, eat fewer calories without counting them or going hungry, and beat temptation with the willpower you already have.


The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss is available for purchase at:

Amazon Kindle for $0.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!

Connect with Stan Spencer:

Website: http://www.fatlossscience.org

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeightLossBook

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DrStanSpencer

How to Create the Good Life from Reel Life, Primrose Roberts {FREE!}

Movies use the magic of storytelling to entertain, inspire, guide, and heal us. They not only show us how the world is, but how it ought to be. By exploring the hidden structure of movies, we learn the formula reel life heroes use to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. We discover how they are able to move from rags to riches, pain to pleasure, and defeat to victory. This approach presents a fascinating new method for analyzing and appreciating movies. It is a powerful guide for people who are interested in rewriting the script of their lives and creating the good life.

What readers are saying:

The author offers a new take on the subject of film philosophy, the power of myth and the hero’s journey, and the way we strive to achieve our goals.

The author meticulously guides the reader plot by plot through a number of films, many of which mirror the lives of everyday people. For example the author describes, “Erin Brokovich, fighting to bring polluters to justice.” That film was in fact based on a true story. When we watch a movie there is a shared experience between ourselves and the characters, the story, the dialogue, the action, causing the author to declare about the hero, “When he suffers, we suffer, when he loves, we love, when he wins, we win.”

The author’s newly-published work, How to Create the Good Life from Reel Life, is a brilliant non-fiction exploration juxtaposing the “Real World,” the world in which we live, and the “Reel World,” the world we get transported to once we sit down to watch a film.

The current Average Amazon Review Rating is 5 stars {2 reviews}.

Click here to read more about and purchase How to Create the Good Life from Reel Life for FREE!

250 Speed Dating Questions – Your Guide to Dating Success, Connor Champion {$3.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!}

In this book you will find a fantastic list of really good Speed Dating questions, and you will also find out the best time to ask these questions so that the other person does not feel like they are being interviewed.

You will discover questions that will let you discover more about your dates, their hobbies and interests, their makeup, their personality and what makes them tick.

This book will enable you to establish whether you have any common interests and most importantly if there is chemistry between you and to see if the spark is there – or not!

Armed with this book, your speed dating night is bound to be a success.

It is so much more though – the dating tips and advice in this 20ish page ebook will help you in your quest to be with someone very compatible to you, and ultimately help you succeed in your relationships.

What readers are saying:

Speed Dating can be intimidating but a lot of fun as well. With limited time, the way you present and the questions that you ask are vital. Rather than asking some random boring questions I wanted to get prepared and focus on interesting and revealing conversation starters. With this book I feel ready for the next dating adventure!

This is a good guideline for anyone – male or female – to read. Over and over. Many great questions if you’re out there dating to weed out what you want and don’t want. Also gives many “icebreaker” questions, in case the situation is uncomfortable. I highly recommend it.

Fun read. It made me think about how I would answer some of the questions. Some of the questions were unexpected but funny!

The current Average Amazon Review Rating is 4.1 stars {18 reviews}.

Click here to read more about and purchase 250 Speed Dating Questions – Your Guide to Dating Success for $3.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!

How to Stop Fighting YOU …and lose that weight, Daniel Speraw {$4.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!}

Her Failures

After some decades on this planet, I know very well the awful feelings of my own failed resolutions. I also know the pain of watching my mother’s bitter failures with her weight.

It began after my brother was born; then came my sister followed by my little brother. Her problem was not just child birth but that need for food as both comfort and reward; and believe me, she deserved both for getting through just part of another day with three wild, boys and a daughter.

I think what hurt her most was that terrible cycle, beginning with the excitement of having found the next miracle (diet, program or machine); but way too soon, the newness began to wear off, and she had to push herself to keep going; and then push herself harder and harder still—until that final rebellious dive into the pain of defeat (read quitting again).

Though Mom hid it well, it was difficult to watch her self-anger, self-disgust and the overall depression of her failure—over and over again.

That struggle with food has to be one of the MOST CHALLENGING OF HUMAN PROBLEMS.

Right? As difficult as they are, the likes of alcohol, drugs and tobacco can be banished from our lives—but food we have to face yet again, one to three times, day after decade, with no reprieve.

Although my Mother has passed, I write this for her, a woman in pain, and for us, who are striving to change—whatever the resolution. Despite being knocked down, even counted out by those around you, YOU keep getting up and pushing your way back into the fray. I know this because here you are.

Though written for her, this book is dedicated to you.

What readers are saying:

5 Stars - After reading this book and thinking through the advice, I shared it with my therapist. She felt this was spot on. My problem right now isn’t with weight (though I have struggled with losing it in the past and this process would have helped greatly), but this advice on how to give yourself more grace in life is SO applicable to me. I really look forward to delving even deeper with this process. Highly recommend this for people who are tired of feeling like they cant get out of a rut – whatever that rut is.

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