DareBone’s Big Break, Gleeson Rebello MD & Jamie Harisiades {$4.99}

A child on the playground. A quick tumble. A trip to the emergency room. Educating without intimidating, and entertaining without underestimating, DareBone’s Big Break helps parents and their children navigate this unexpected experience with poetry, great humor, and medical accuracy. Readers join the adventurous and often clumsy DareBone as he endures his first major injury: a broken elbow. With his wise-cracking sidekick, Wag-A-Bone, narrating along the way, DareBone meets many medical heroes, including orthopedic surgeon, Dr. WonderBone, who guides our hero as he journeys through surgery and recovery. DareBone’s Big Break educates with entertaining rhyme, in an informative story about a common childhood injury that parents and children will reach for time and again.

DareBone’s Big Break is the first of several books from Gleeson Rebello, MD and Jamie Harisiades that will combine entertaining rhyme and accurate medical information aimed at educating readers and parents on common childhood conditions like allergy, autism, asthma, and obesity.

What readers are saying:

A MUST READ! Outstanding, unique, original.
By cdawson on July 9, 2013
Format: Paperback
Darebone’s Big Break is a wonderful book to share with your friends, children, grandchildren, and neighbors. It is both educational as well as funny and entertaining for both kids and adults. A truly unique presentation of what many deal with as their kids grow up and stumble and fall along the way. The characters are inviting and the illustrations are fabulous. I highly recommend Darebone’s Big Break for your next birthday or holiday gift idea!

Ingenious and engaging
By TV fanatic on July 16, 2013
Format: Paperback
“DareBone’s Big Break” is a creative and engaging story, with multiple layers of humor that both children and adults will enjoy. This story demystifies medical processes that can oftentimes be overwhelming for both children and parents alike. It can be used as a teaching tool or read for pure enjoyment – either way, “DareBone’s Big Break” will, without a doubt, be a favorite read. “DareBone’s Big Break” should become a staple in homes and throughout pediatric practices. Gleeson Rebello and Jamie Harisiades should be praised for their ability to maintain medical accuracy in an entertaining way without dumbing things down. I look forward to more releases from these talented authors in the future and highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great children’s book with substance.

The average Amazon reader review is currently 5 stars {31 reviews}.

THE FRUGAL FIND OF THE DAY: A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done, Stephanie Barrett {$2.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!}

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Stephanie Barrett‘s Frugal Find Under Nine:

Description of A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done:

Have you been looking for an imaginative, exciting book to share with the child or grandchild in your life? A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done tells the wonderful story of Alfie and his dragon friend Marty, with the help of 60 beautiful full-color illustrations.

Alfie is just an ordinary little boy–that is, until he bites into a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard so spicy that it turns him into a fire-breathing dragon!

Soon, he befriends another dragon named Marty, who shows him that dragons lead incredibly busy lives. For starters, they terrorize princesses, battle knights, and guard treasure, but did you know that they are also excellent pizza chefs? Or that they rescue rocket ships stranded in outer space? Or that they are responsible for every warm bath that’s ever been taken before bedtime? And all they ask in return is a few fluffy marshmallows–for there’s nothing in the whole wide world that a dragon loves better than marshmallows.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of a dragon is like, spend some time with Marty and Alfie and find out why a dragon’s work is never done!



“I was impressed with the language, as well as the interesting story line, in this adventure/fantasy. Usually when adults read a book to a child, they can pretty much tell where the plot is going. That is not the case here … It was a pleasure, too, for us to enjoy the excellent illustrations, which really helped to bring the story to life.”

“The story is so creatively written and so much fun from beginning to end.”

“This is a great children’s book, but be ye warned: little ones will not go to sleep until you finish it and answer a few questions about dragons (it takes about 20-25 minutes). The book includes an address to write Marty the dragon, and my grandkids are anxious for him to respond.”

Amazon Reader Reviews:

A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done currently has a Amazon reader review rating of 5 stars, with 13 reviews! Read the reviews here!


A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done is available for purchase at:

Amazon Kindle for $2.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!


Excerpt from A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done:

I flapped my arms quickly to catch up with him, wondering where we were going next. Now, if you know a thing or two about dragons already, you might be able to guess what Marty and I were off to do. Can’t think of it? Here, I’ll give you a hint: “X” marked the spot where we had to go, and what we found there was very shiny and sparkly. Did you guess treasure? You’re right! We were off to guard some very valuable treasure!

We flew for miles and miles until we came to the Mangy Mountains, and at the base of those mountains there was a cave, and inside of that cave were piles and piles of glittering treasure. There were shiny gold coins, and deep red rubies, and emeralds as big as your fist! The stacks of treasure towered high above my head—they even made Marty look small!

Our job was simple. We sat at the mouth of the cave, and if we heard footsteps coming near, we simply let out big puffs of our blistering breath, and soon we would hear footsteps running in the opposite direction. Nobody wanted to mess with a couple of fearsome, fire-breathing dragons!

But after a little while we heard a strange sort of footsteps, because it didn’t sound like a pair of feet were making them—instead it sounded like one foot and one wooden stick were heading towards us across the flat, stony ground. Thump went the foot, tap went the stick, thump, tap, thump, tap, thump, tap, until Marty shouted, “Peg Leg Pete!” and to me he said, “Hold your fire, it’s Peg Leg Pete!”

Then a pirate appeared at the mouth of the cave. He had a patch over one eye, a parrot on his shoulder, and one peg leg sticking out of his pants. “Arrrrgh!” he said, “Thanks for guardin’ me treasure, I wouldn’t trust it to nobody else!” And then he dipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a handful of soft, springy marshmallows. “And these’ll be fer you and yer friend,” he said, holding the marshmallows out to Marty.

“Thanks Pete,” said Marty, taking the marshmallows and sliding them into his satchel. “Now we really should be going—a dragon’s work is never done!”

And as we took off into the sky again Peg Leg Pete yelled after us, “See ya tomorrow, Marty!”

“See ya, Pete!” Marty called back, and with that we were off on the next leg of our adventure.

“Marty?” I said as we tore through the clouds. “What are all those marshmallows for?”

“You’ll see,” he answered. And that’s when I learned that dragons are very mysterious.


A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done is available for purchase at:

Amazon Kindle for $2.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!


Connect with Stephanie Barrett:

Author Website: http://www.alfieandfriends.com/

Author Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AlfieAndFriends

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