{Updated with Winners} THE SATURDAY GIVEAWAY: Win 1 of 3 Kindle Copies of Theresa Ragan’s 5 Novels!

Happy Saturday!

It’s time for a Frugal eReader Giveaway!

{Congratulations to the winners of the The Guardians of Eden series Giveaway!}

See below for how to win one of 3 Kindle Copies of each of the 5 below novels, sponsored by the author Theresa Ragan!... but first, a little about the novels:

A Knight in Central Park

The year is 1499. As Alexandra Dunn’s farmhouse is set ablaze, her grandfather places precious stones in her palm, telling her she has until the next full moon to return with a hero…a brave, chivalrous knight to help save her family. Familiar objects become a blur as she is swallowed in darkness. Suddenly Alexandra is standing in the middle of Central Park, but she has no time to ponder on the wondrous powers of the stones or the amazing sights before her…she must find a hero before all is lost.

Joe McFarland would be the first to admit that he’s far from hero material…definitely not the man she’s looking for. A firm believer of quietude and non-violence, he avoids conflict at all costs. At thirty-four, he is one of the younger Professors at NYU where he lectures and teaches History: The High Middle Ages. Joe’s main goal in life is to gain membership into the Medieval Academy, a highly distinguished group of archaeologists and historians. He believes membership will bring him respect and recognition…but what he really wants is to be reunited with his father; a man who has spent his entire life searching for the Black Knight, the last of the medieval knights.


Joe’s organized, well-structured life begins to unravel the moment he meets Alexandra Dunn. He figures she majored in medieval history before going off the deep end…until days later when he is miraculously transported through time, to 1499 England. Dressed in Dockers and a button down shirt, Joe thought he was ready for anything…anything but this! An armored man with a very authentic looking broadsword is about to strike him down. With only nail clippers and a Bic to defend himself, Joe has no time to think about such an implausible phenomenon as traveling through time…not if he wants to live to see another day.

Return of the Rose

Twin sisters are born in Medieval England. One of the infants is dying and is taken to the Witch of Devonshire, who uses supernatural powers to transport the ailing babe to the future. It is the year 1986 when Cathy Hayes, a woman who has lost her child and husband in a car accident, finds the baby at her doorstep, gets her the medical attention she needs, and raises the baby as her own. Morgan grows up in the twentieth century with a mysterious attraction to a hollow suit of armor that stands in the window of her mother’s antique store.

Morgan is twenty-four years old when she becomes entangled within the armor’s metal plates and is whisked back in time where she is mistaken for Amanda Forrester, a twin sister she knows nothing about. In Amanda’s place, Morgan is forced to marry King Henry’s favored knight, Derek Vanguard, Lord of Braddock Hall. Abandoned by his mother and having failed as a child to gain his father’s love, Derek’s heart is as cold as the stone walls of his castle.


In the end, Morgan discovers the true power of love and for the first time in her life she knows where she belongs.

Finding Kate Huntley

During a vacation in the Caribbean, fifteen-year old Kate Huntley’s father, a prominent U.S. scientist, is murdered before her eyes. For the next ten years Kate grows up alone in Haiti, one of the most dangerous and poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of her father. Kate pushes herself to become stronger, mentally and physically. Every day is a struggle for survival. And yet she lives for only one reason…revenge.

While looking for a drug lord via satellite in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, Jack Coffey, rookie FBI agent, spots Kate Huntley. Jack is sent by the agency to find Ms. Huntley and bring her back to the States. They have many unanswered questions about her father’s death. A professional and responsible man, Jack is confused by Kate’s lack of cooperation. He wants to help her return to the States where he believes she’ll be safe, but she treats him like the enemy and refuses to go. Everything about her is a contradiction. She looks fragile and innocent, but every time he turns around she’s putting another thug in his place. In the beginning Jack wonders if Kate’s distrust of his superiors is warranted or just simple paranoia. In the end, Jack realizes nothing is as it seems.

Taming Mad Max

Max Dutton, a starting NFL linebacker for the Los Angeles Condors, is certain he’s going to die young since his father and grandfather both passed away at an early age. Believing his life will be cut short, Max lives every moment to its fullest. For this reason, Max also shies away from forming close relationships. What would be the point of falling in love and starting a family only to leave them as his father left him and his sisters?

Nutrition expert, Kari Murphy, used to think Max Dutton was to die for. She’s older and wiser now, but then she’s hired by the NFL franchise to follow Max around for a couple of weeks and give him healthy-eating advice, foolproof facts about carbohydrates and tasteful tips on cooking and shopping smart.

Kari Murphy must work side by side with the guy she spent one spectacular night with during high school…the guy she pined after for way too long.

Too bad he doesn’t remember her.


Taming Mad Max finaled in RWA’s 2008 Golden Heart competition under the title, Better Late Than Never.

Having My Baby

“Mr. Baylor,” the officer said, “have you ever met either of these women?”

Derrick’s mind was numb, but somehow he managed to say, “No. Never.”

“You’re making the ladies nervous, and truthfully, you’ve got me wondering too–what is your business with this woman?”

Derrick pried his gaze from the woman’s stomach and raised his eyes to hers. “She’s having my baby.”


Growing up, Jill Garrison never daydreamed about having the perfect wedding. Instead, she dreamt about having a baby. Boy or girl, it didn’t matter. Unfortunately, her fiancé can’t have children. Determined to realize her lifelong dream of having a baby, Jill spends years searching for a company (CryoCorp) that provides high quality donor sperm. Everything is right in Jill’s world until her wedding day when her fiancé leaves her at the altar to be humiliated before friends and family. She doesn’t waste any time moving from New York City to California to start over. And she keeps her appointment with Cryocorp. She may never have the wedding or the husband, but nothing is going to stop her from having a baby. She’s tired of everyone telling her what to do. The baby she’s carrying is hers and hers alone. Nobody can take that away from her.


Or can they?

Now, for the giveaway:

Simply leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a Kindle Copy of Theresa Ragan‘s 5 novels! Let us know which you’d prefer to win!

Want more opportunities to win? Share this giveaway via the buttons at the top of this post, and leave a separate comment stating that you’ve done so! {Every share/comment counts as an extra entry!}

The winners will be announced during next Saturday’s Giveaway!

Good Luck!


Congratulations to the winners!

Jean Cundick – Knight in Central Park

Christy Chambers – Knight in Central Park

Shirley – Having my Baby

Debbie Bo  - Having my Baby

Chris S – Having my Baby

Mati – Return of the Rose

Christina Shanafelt – Return of the Rose

Margaret – Return of the Rose

Krissie – Return of the Rose

Lilith – Return of the Rose

Linda Q  - Finding Kate Huntley

annie p – Finding Kate Huntley

Digna -Taming Mad Max

Carla – Taming Mad Max

‘chelle  - Taming Mad Max

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  1. Linda Q says:

    They all look great, but I’d really like to read Finding Kate Huntly

  2. Christina Shanafelt says:

    Return of the Rose looks really interesting

  3. Chris S says:

    Wow!! Those look like awesome books for a long cold winter!!

  4. Chris S says:

    Oops!! Meant to say Having My Baby looks like the first I’d read!!

  5. 'chelle says:

    I’d love to read Taming Mad Max!

  6. Lilith says:

    I read “A Knight in Central Park” and LOVED it. Now I am ready for “Return of the Rose” although all of her books sound equally interesting. Ms. Ragan is one of the best writers I have found with my Kindle . . . Thanks for the Frugal reader giveaways – they are fun!! And your book recos are awesome. :-)

  7. annie p says:

    Sounds like she has been one busy writer! Lucky us! It is so exciting to to sign up for a good giveaway…I had a tough time choosing, but I would like to be the lucky winner of `Having My Baby`. I`d love to see how that one turns out! Thanks! Annie

  8. Christy Chambers says:

    Knight in Central Park please – let’s start at the beginning!

  9. Krissie says:

    Return of the Rose. Thanks so much!

  10. annie p says:

    I would love to win `Finding Kate Huntley` or `Having My Baby`. I`ve read the authors` Lizzie Garner series and those books are among my favorite. This is my second entry because I shared the giveaway with my sister out of state by e-mail. Thanks!

  11. Margaret says:

    This is hard choose. I guess Return of the Rose is my pick. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks!


  12. Margaret says:

    Shared on facebook


  13. Margaret says:

    Shared on google+

  14. Margaret says:

    Shared on twitter


  15. Shirley says:

    Having My Baby is the only book I am missing in my collection! And winning this book will complete my collection! Awesome!

  16. Digna says:

    I have 2 books I would love to win

    Taming Mad Max


    Having My Baby. Appreciate these giveaways..

  17. Jean Cundick says:

    I’d love to win – thanks!

  18. Na S. says:

    Having My Baby sounds like such a fun read.

  19. Na S. says:

    I shared on Facebook (Fiery Na).

  20. Carla says:

    My first choice is Having My Baby. Second is Taming Mad Max. Third is Finding Kate Huntley. So, please let me win?

  21. Debbie Bo says:

    I own some of her books . I do not have the book Having my Baby. I sure hope I get lucky to win this for my Kindle.

  22. Mati says:

    Would be nice to win Return of the Rose or Having My Baby. Either of the 2 will be appreciated


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