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John Abramowitzs Frugal Find Under Nine:

Description of Atticus for the Undead:

The next chapter in the struggle for equal rights begins!

Hunter Gamble is an idealistic young attorney in a very special area of the practice: arcane defense. Funded by enigmatic billionaire Charles McClain and aided by shy-but-energetic research attorney Kirsten Harper, he’s making the world a better place–one vampire, zombie, or werewolf client at a time. After all, they deserve their day in court too, right?

When a young zombie walks into Hunter’s office accused of murder (by brain-eating), Hunter’s idealism is tested as never before as he struggles to secure the man’s freedom. To do so, he must square off against a savvy and ambitious district attorney, contend with a judge who is deeply biased against arcanes, and stand up to a human-supremacist group which will stop at nothing–not even Hunter’s own death–to see his client convicted.



“…Abramowitz writes with punchy dialogue, sonic action and vivid description. His characters sing, bellow, shout and stumble; one even flies through a public bathroom into a fancy gala, shattering the door behind her. There’s never a dull moment as Abramowitz earns his high-concept theme with tight dialogue and full characters who often display as many human vulnerabilities as they do supernatural abilities. Danger shadows each chapter and the courtroom battles will have the reader flipping pages in anticipation. Fortunately, the characters’ witty exchanges and Gamble’s inner monologue provide a measure of levity to the more intense scenes.

A surprisingly fresh, funny and fiery mystery that envelopes the reader in a uniquely colorful world.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Atticus was an awesome book and not just for fans of the urban fantasy/paranormal genres. Those who enjoy a good legal thriller might just be willing to take a trip on the darker side of things and embrace the wide literary world of zombies, witches, and magical creatures because the author has written them so well that you don’t realize it’s not real!

Kudos to John Abramowitz for his creative genius and exceptional writing!” -Christine Butler, author of the Awakening Trilogy

“This novel is one of the best I’ve read in years.” -Lorraine Nelson

Amazon Reader Reviews:

Atticus for the Undead currently has a Amazon reader review rating of 4.1 stars, with 40 reviews! Read the reviews here!


Atticus for the Undead is available for purchase at:

Amazon Kindle for $2.99


An excerpt from Atticus for the Undead:

Family, Friends Mourn As Boy Killed On Eve of Graduation
By Ingrid Collins

The University of Texas community was rocked by tragedy over the weekend when Samuel Pollard, age twenty-four, died in his apartment the night after finishing his last round of final exams. Authorities are reporting the cause of death as a drug overdo —


Sam Pollard took no notice of the crumpled up newspaper report of his death even as he stepped on it. He continued down the sidewalk that led to the Barton Creek Mall, pulling the hood of his bright orange sweatshirt a little further over his head. There was probably no need to hide his face, Sam knew — he’d never been famous, and the odds that he’d be recognized while shopping were relatively low. Still, Sam prided himself on being informed, on keeping up with the news, and so he knew what had happened to others like him. Better safe than sorry.

Sam looked around at the others approaching the mall, a thrill of paranoia running through him. None of the others were wearing sweatshirts. Of course they weren’t — the summer heat still ruled Texas with an iron fist, which meant that it was ninety degrees outside on a relatively cool day. Everyone else was in short sleeves or tank tops. Crap. Maybe I should have gone with sunglasses or something … .

He shuffled through the glass doors into the mall, passing a nail care store to his left and an arcade on his right. The arcade was more to his taste — he wanted distraction, after all, something to take his mind off of what had happened. But his eyes lit immediately on the newest Resident Evil game, which stood at the entrance to the arcade, and he decided to keep walking. Somehow, shooting zombies just didn’t appeal to him right now.

Down the corridor to the right was a man giving a speech from a raised platform. Decent size crowd.

“… what to call them,” the man screamed into his megaphone, his words reverberating around the mall. “Organizations like ABLE claim it’s important to refer to our supernatural neighbors as ‘arcanes.’ They say that terms like ‘supernatural’ or ‘paranormal’ are demeaning. But we know the truth, don’t we?”

“Yeah!” roared the crowd, in unison.


“We in the Salvation Alliance know that such well-intentioned political correctness is dangerous, don’t we?”


Sam held back a shudder.

“We know that tolerance is the first step toward acceptance, even advocacy of unnatural lifestyles, don’t we?”


“Right. Not going that way.” Sam walked on. He was suddenly cloyingly certain that each patron he passed was staring at him, taking careful notice of his sluggish movements or perhaps seeing his face underneath the hood. Why had he ever thought a hood would hide his features to begin with? Even though he was overdressed, he felt increasingly naked. He was constantly sure that discovery was only a moment away … .

Finally, he found what he was looking for — the miniatures store. He especially loved the small model robots, loved buying them and spending hours absorbed in the details of painting them. It was a cathartic process, and every completed robot gave him a fresh sense of accomplishment. The discipline and attention to detail required to do it well had proved useful in law school, too.
But as he was about to go in, he noticed something in his peripheral vision — someone was watching him. Someone was watching him very intently, in fact. A young man, surely no older than Sam himself, wearing a white t-shirt and faded jeans. Sam cautiously moved to enter the store, and the other young man moved to block the doorway. Kind of a ridiculous move, given that the entrance was much wider than the young man was.

“Excuse me,” Sam said, quietly and politely.


Fuck. I was afraid of this.

“I’m just here to shop. I don’t want any trouble.”

“Neither do we.” The young man made a gesture with his arm that encompassed the entire population of the mall. “Which is why I think you should leave.”

“I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“You don’t have to,” the young man drawled. “See, these fine people have plenty to worry about already — keeping their jobs and making sure their kids don’t get sick and all. You being here means they have to worry about getting bitten, too — and we just don’t need that, you know?”

“I’m not gonna bite anyone,” Sam subtly tried to move around his unwanted conversation partner and into the store.

But the man moved with him, blocking his path. “It doesn’t work that way, mutant. The Hunger makes you crazy — out of control. You think we’re stupid?” He shoved Sam backward so hard that Sam stumbled, then toppled into the fountain.

A sharp pain shot through his back as it impacted against the fountain’s stone base. So now my clothes are obvious and soaked. He pushed himself upright again, muttering, “Well, actually … .”

It was then that he realized that the noise of him falling into the fountain had attracted attention, and that passing shoppers were stopping and turning to look. He could hear frenzied whispers from every direction as the passersby consulted fearfully with each other.

“Is he really —”

“I hear just standing too close can infect you —”

“Is there a gun store in this mall?”

Sam got the hint. His outing to the mall was over. Turning away from the store and the young man who had accosted him, he started toward the exit, doing his best to quicken his pace and cursing the fact that he was physically unable to run. For now, the bystanders in the mall seemed afraid to pursue. He could only hope that continued … and that no one called mall security … .

Those guys usually had guns.


Atticus for the Undead is available for purchase at:

Amazon Kindle for $2.99

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