{CLOSED: Updated with winners!} THE TUESDAY GIVEAWAY: 8 Kindle Copies of Laura Lond’s eBooks!

{The winners are announced below!}

Happy Tuesday!

It’s time for a Frugal eReader Giveaway!

See below for how to win one of three copies of My Royal Pain Quest, and one of five copies of  A Merman’s Kiss, sponsored by the author Laura Lond… but first, a little about the books:

My Royal Pain Quest (The Lakeland Knight) {$2.99}: How far would a villain go to help a friend? Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle thinks doing three heroic deeds is a bit too far. Not only it’s plain detestable, it can ruin his reputation and get him in trouble with the Villains League. On the other hand, it’s not like he’s got friends to spare. And losing the League’s membership isn’t the end of the world, one can always work independently.

My Royal Pain Quest is approximately 57,700 words (214 pages in the printed edition).

A Merman’s Kiss (A Novella) {$1.49}: The old legend says that a merman’s kiss will make a girl pretty and bring her luck. One poor working girl is desperate enough to try it. She is warned that she must do everything exactly as she is told… but never warned about the effect it might have on the merman.

A Merman’s Kiss is a novella of approximately 14,500 words (75 pages in the printed edition). It is also available as an audiobook.

Now, for the giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a gifted Kindle copy of one of Laura Lond‘s eBooks!

In your comment, state which title you are interested in winning. You may leave up to two comments; one for each title!

Entries will be closed after midnight on Thursday ~ and the 8 random winners will be chosen and notified on next week!

Good Luck!


Congratulations to the winners!

Carla - My Royal Pain Quest

Linda S Moore – My Royal Pain Quest

Debbie Bo – My Royal Pain Quest

Debbie Bo – A Merman’s Kiss

Christle - A Merman’s Kiss

Digna – A Merman’s Kiss

laura thomas - A Merman’s Kiss

Krissie – A Merman’s Kiss

Your copies will be gifted shortly!

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  1. Linda S Moore says:

    I would “LOVE” a copy of The Royal Pain Quest please.. Sounds like a really great book.. :)

  2. Digna says:

    Royal Pain Quest please

  3. Digna says:

    This is a request for Merman;s Kiss

  4. Christle says:

    I would love to win a copy of Merman’s Kiss :)

  5. laura thomas says:

    I really would like to win The Merman’s Kiss!

  6. Debbie Bo says:

    The Merman’s Kiss for this entry.

  7. Debbie Bo says:

    And My Royal Pain Quest for this.

  8. Krissie says:

    My Royal Pain Quest, here is my comment for a chance.

  9. Krissie says:

    The Merman’s Kiss for this comment. I want both. Thank you.

  10. Carla says:

    Would love to win a copy of My Royal Pain Quest. Thank you.

  11. Carla says:

    Would love to win a copy of A Merman’s Kiss

  12. Christle says:

    Yay, thank you! :)

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