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Happy Saturday!

It’s time for a Frugal eReader Giveaway!

See below for how to win one  of five Kindle Copies* of Slouching Towards Bellingham sponsored Books B Nimble... but first, a little about the novel:


What if people saw the Virgin in a teen-age girl rather than a sandwich? Author Anneke Campbell works that premise here, wondering how we’d react 2012 years after the first virgin birth. The result’s deliciously reminiscent of a box of lemon bars—a little bit sweet, a little bit tart, and you can’t stop eating. (Or reading as the case may be.) She’s created a generous helping of wistful magic mixed with equal parts knowing satire–sort of Alice Hoffman meets Nora Ephron.

Here’s the set-up: A pregnant teen-ager turn up in a Midwest town, for some reason not talking.

She may be named Mary. And upon examination, it turns out she’s most certainly a virgin.

What, asks Campbell, would happen next? Well, the paparazzi would arrive. Book and movie contracts might be offered. The author covers that ground in short order, but she’s really after something much more subtle—the effect of wanting to believe, wishing a thing to be so, coupled with the need to co-opt it. To that end, she creates Bellingham, Indiana, a delightful town like the one we all live in—with living, breathing citizens you’ll want for your own neighbors—even as you see right through them and their efforts to get close to the miracle girl, each for reasons of his own.

AS FUNNY AND WELL-OBSERVED AS ANY BOOK BY NORA EPHRON, WITH AS MUCH HUMAN WARMTH AS THE MILL RIVER RECLUSE. It’s kind of similar, really—small town with loveable characters, a major character named Mary—but Darcy Chan wasn’t trying for wit. Ms. Campbell is. Sly wit.


If you like smart, funny female writers like Nora Ephron, Eudora Welty, Maureen Dowd, Alice Hoffman, or indeed Darcy Chan, grab this goody!

Slouching Towards Bellingham is available at the Kindle Store for $0.99 or Borrow FREE w/Prime!

Now, for the giveaway:

Simply leave a comment on this post to be entered to win one of five Kindle Copies* of Anneke Campbell‘s Slouching Towards Bellingham!

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Entries will be closed after midnight on Sunday ~ and five random winners will be chosen and notified next week!

Good Luck!

*Kindle Copies will be gifted directly through Amazon!


Congratulations to the five winners!

Debbie Bo




Dennis Moeller

Your Kindle copies will be gifted shortly!

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